The blog is live. Hold on to your hats!


If you are wondering what is going on in the minds of Büro WHAT!’s founders and wished you could take a peek behind the scenes of a working visualization office, then you will want to stay tuned to this space. While getting inside our minds might not be A) your idea of a good time or B) comfortable and safe, we can at least promise you that you will always be entertained.

In order to balance the polished and presentable side of our web presence/portfolio, here we will turn off the filters to bring you an eclectic selection of things, including, but not limited to: current projects, things we are playing around with, things we like, unpublished work and so forth. Most importantly, we will use this medium to announce events that we are organizing. We are always learning, and we are dedicated to the community. This can only happen if we are in a dialogue with our readers. In the end, though, there is only one rule around here: HAVE FUN! Which reminds me of something else that Einstein never said, “Büro WHAT! is awesome!”